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The Seaton Valley Radio Control Model Club has been supporting model flying since 1983. If you are a beginner looking to get into the hobby we are happy to give advice on all aspects of selecting, setting up and flying. We also have instructors who will help you all the way through to attaining flying proficiency


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The club was formed in 1983 by 12 members who became the initial shareholders in the new corporation and who put the money into developing the first field at Green River adjacent to the Seaton Hiking Trail. When the 407 was built 10 years later we had to find a new location since the highway went right through the middle of the original runways. The new field located to the west of Claremont was leased on a long term basis in 1995 and continues to be the location used today. The club has grown from this small beginning to about 90 members today and many of the flyers have been with the club throughout this timeframe.

What we fly


The Seaton Valley flying field is located near Claremont, ON. just 30 minutes north of Pickering. Visitors are always welcome to check out the club. Maps and directions to the Seaton Valley model aircraft flying field are in contact us. (Seasonal visitation restrictions - Spring and Summer only)


Seaton Valley RCMC has one of the best RC model aircraft flying fields in the area. You'll have plenty of flying time when you're at the field. We are heli and drone-friendly. Our members are regular guys, always willing to help. Interested?


You'll see beautiful scale airplanes; nitro, gas, EDF jets
and electric helicopters—even drones and micro aircraft.
Come out to fly or just come out to watch.
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Click here for a look at our photo gallery.

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Club Meetings will be held 7 pm at:

Pickering Recreation Centre, – O’Brien “A”
1867 Valley Farm Rd, Pickering.

Next Meetings:
Nov 7/22

Dec 5/22

Jan 9/22

Feb 6/22

Apr 3/23

Apr 24/23





Presidents Message

Hi everyone, these are very tough times we are going through right now. We hope you and your family have been healthy and safe. For many of us, finding a little sunshine and happiness has been challenging. I share that feeling with all of you. Last summer left a lot of us looking for something to do, and if you have kids finding things for them to do. My family and I focused on our love for the RC hobby including planes, boats, float planes, cars, helicopters and drones. We pretty much like anything RC but our favourite is flying and building airplanes. It was a great way to spend some hours each week that took us away from the news and got us outside.

Our club flying field was a safe place for us and many others in the hobby to go to last year. “Social distancing” is not a problem as we are outdoors, and our field is never crowded. Our members use the field all hours of the day as everyone’s schedule is different.

We are very diverse in the hobby and love to help each other out. Whether it is with assembly, setup, or flying, we pride ourselves on helping each other excel in this wonderful hobby.

If your interested in this great hobby and would enjoy an interesting and fun way to be outdoors, we are accepting new members. If you don’t have your wings, we offer student training that is just part of being a member of our club. Join us in 2021! All are welcome!

Eric Miller